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Saint Petersburg Calendar

March 1 (13), 1881
Emperor Alexander II was assassinated by terrorists of the People's Will group.

March 1-18,1921
Antibolshevist uprising in Kronstadt.

March 4, 1952
Laying of the foundation stone of the monument to the famous writer Nicolay Gogol on the very place where the monument to Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolayevich had once stood (destroyed in 1918). The monument to Gogol has never been placed there.

March 5 (17), 1890
Debut of the great Russian singer Feodor Chaliapin on the stage of the Mariinsky Theatre.

March 7 (19), 1898
Emperor Alexander Ill's Museum (today the Russian Museum) opened.

March 7 (19), 1899
The first ambulance station in Russia opened.

March 10,1918
The Soviet Government headed by Vladimir Lenin moved from Petrograd to Moscow. The capital of the country was also transferred to Moscow.

March 10,1966
The famous poetess Anna Akhmatova was buried in the Komarovskoye cemetery not far from Leningrad (she died in Moscow March 5, 1966.)

The night from 11-th to 12-th of March (March 23-24), 1801
Emperor Paul I was assassinated by conspirators in the Mikhailovsky Castle.

March 12 (24), 1896
The first in the world radiogram was transmitted by professor Alexander Popov.

March 14, 1949
First performance of "The Bronze Horseman" bullet (the composer Reingold Glier) look place at the Kirov Opera and Ballet Theatre. Thus the "Hymn to the Great City" was played for the first time.

March 15 (26), 1770
The St. Petersburg Upbringing House (children's home), founded by Ivan Betskoi, was opened.

March 16 (28), 1881
The great Russian composer Modest Musorgsky died in the Nikolaevsky Military Hospital in Slonovaya Street (today 63 Suvorovsky Prospect).

March 19 (31), 1882
Birthday of the well-known Russian poet and author of many books for children Nikolai Korneichukov (Kornei Chukovsky).

March 23 (April 5), 1917
Victims of the February revolution were ceremoniously buried in the Field of Mars.

March, 1845 (the exact data is unknown)
First locomotive was made at the Alexandrovsky Workshops.

March 31 (April 13), 1902
First trolley-bus was tested in St. Petersburg by the engineer P. Frese.

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