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Saint Petersburg Calendar

February 5 (17), 1852
The Hermitage opened for the public (it had been a private collection of Russian Emperors before it).

February 5 (17), 1880
Stepan Khalturin, the member of the People's Will terrorist group, made an attempt on Emperor Alexander II's life. Eleven soldiers of the Finlandsky Regiment who were on guard in the palace perished in the explosion.

February 8 (20), 1819
Emperor Alexander Ps decree on the foundation of the Petersburg University.

February 11 (22), 1764
Empress Catherine IPs decree on the acquisition of the 225 old masters pictures in Berlin. Thus the Hermitage collections was started.

February 12,1937
The Anichkov Palace was given to children for organisation after-school activity. Today it is known as the Palace of Young People's Creative Activity.

February 15,1919
The Bolshoi Drama Theatre (today the Bolshoi Tovstonogov Drama Theatre) opened.

February 19 (March 3), 1861
Emperor Alexander II signed the Manifesto on the abolition of the Serfdom at the Farm Palace in Petergof (near St. Petersburg).

February 19 (March 3), 1899
The Polytechnic Institute (today the St. Petersburg Technical University) was established by Emperor Nikolay IPs decree.

February 23,1922
Opening of the Children's Theatre - 35 Mokhovaya Street.

February 23 - March 3 (March 8-16), 1917
The February bourgeois-democratic revolution.

February 26 (March 9), 1797
The foundation stone of the Mikhailovsky (Engineer's) Castle was laid (finised in 1800, architects Vasily Bazhenov, Vincenzo Brenna, Paul Romanov (Emperor Paul I).

February 26 (March 10), 1861
The famous Ukrainian poet and artist Taras Shevchenko died in his studio in the Academy of Arts.

February 28 (March 12), 1801
The State Foundry later known as the Putilovsky Foundry was removed from Kronstadt to the Petergof Road.

February 28 (March 12), 1863
Birthday of the famous Russian scientist and philosopher Vladimir Vemadsky - Millionnaya Street.

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