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calendar by Capitolina
Saint Petersburg Calendar

May 1 (12), 1703
The army of Peter I seized the Swedish fortress of Nienshantz in the mouth of the Neva river.

May 16 (27), 1703
This day is known as the city's birthday. Peter I laid the foundation stone of the Saint Petersburg Fortress on the Zayachy Island.

May 7 (18), 1704
The foundation of the Kronstadt Fortress was laid on the Kotlin Island. May 30 (June 10), 1706
Laying of the foundation stone of the first stone (Tsar's) bastion of Peter and Paul Fortress.

May 7 (18), 1780
The emblem of St. Petersburg was approved by the Empress Catherine II. May 30 (June 9), 1672
Birthday of Emperor Peter I, the founder of St. Petersburg.

May 3 (16), 1910
The poetess Olga Bergholts, who was destined to become later a symbol of the heroism of the beseiged Leningrad's inhabitants, was bom - 2/6 Palevsky Prospect. She died November 13, 1975 in the clinic of the Military-Medical Academy.

May 4 (16), 1863
Foundation of the Obukhov Steel Works Company (later the Bolshevik, today the Obukhovsky Mashine-building works).

May 5 (17), 1801
Monument to generalissimo Alexander Suvorov, who had died a year earlier in May 6(18), 1800 - 23 Krukov Canal Embankment, was installed in the Field of Mars (sculptor- Mikhail Kozlovsky).

May 9,1960
Opening of the memorial to the Victims of the seige in the Piskarevskoye Cemetery (sculptors Vera Isayeva, Roman Taurit, architects A. Vasilvev, Ye. Levinson).

May 9,1975
Opening of the memorial "To Your Heroism, Leningrad" in Pobedy (Victory) Square (sculptor Mikhail Anikushin) (The 30tli anniversary of the victory in World War II).

May 12 (24), 1855
Opening of the monument to the famous fabulist and poet Ivan Krylov in the Summer Garden (sculptor Petr Klodt).

May 13 (25), 1828
Laying the foundation stone of the Trinity Cathedral of the Izmailovsky Regiment (architect Vasily Stasov; consecrated in May 25, 1835).

May 13 (25), 1856
Foundation of the Baltic ship-building yard.

May 15 (28), 1910
Laying the foundation stone of the "Saviour-on-the-Water" Church. It was built for commemoration of the sailors, perished in the war between Russia and Japan in 1904-05 (architect Marian Peretyatkovich; exploded in 1932; now a plan for its restoration is being prepared).

May 19 (31), 1803
Emperor Alexander I approved foundation of the Forestry School in Tsarskoye Selo (in i811 it was removed to St Petersburg and renamed into the Forest Institute; since 1929 - the Forestry Academy)

May 22 (June 4), 1903
Birthday of the famous musician and conductor Yevgeny Mravinsky - 9, Srednyaya Podyacheskaya Street. He died January 19, 1988 - 4 Petrovskaya Embankment.

May 25 (June 5), 1718
Decree of Peter I on organizing the St. Petersburg municipal police.

May 29 (June 11), 1909
Monument to Emperor Alexander III (sculptor - Pavel Tmbetskoi) was inaugurated in Znamenskaya Square (in 1937 it was transferred to the back yard of the Russian Museum).

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