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Saint Petersburg Calendar

September 1,1938
Regular television broadcasts began in Leningrad.

September 5 (16), 1745
Birhtday of the famous Russian field marshal general Mikhail Kutuzov. Buried in the Kazansky Cathedral in June 13, 1813.

September 6,1991
Decree of the Supreme Soviet of Russia on the return of the Leningrad historical name - Saint-Petersburg.

September 7 (19), 1836
The Alexandrovsky (today Proletarsky) Workshop was opened in the Shlisselburg Road.

September 8,1941
First day of the siege of Leningrad.

September 11 (23), 1870
First part of the St. Petersburg - Finland railway was opened.

September 11 (23), 1882
The Shoe-manufactoring Company (since 1910 the Skorohod factory) was established.

September 12 (25), 1906
Birthday of the great composer Dmitry Shostakovich - 2 Podolskaya Street.

September 13 (25), 1838
First demonstration of the boat with an electric motor designed by professor Boris Yakoby.

September 14 (26), 1883
The foundation of the Church of the Savior-on-the-Spilled-Blood was laid on the place of Alexander II assassination (architect Alfred Parland; consecrated in 1907).

September 14 (26), 1897
Opening of the Women's Medical Institute (today the First Medical Institute named after Academician Ivan Pavlov).

September 14,1947
Reinstalment of the restored Samson sculpture in the Great Cascade fountain complex in Petergof (it had been destroyed by fashists).

September 16 (29), 1907
First tram-line (from the Admiralty through Nikolayevsky bridge to Vasilyevsky Island) was opened in St. Petersburg.

September 20 (October 3), 1910
First Russian festival of aviation took place at the Commandant aerodrome.

September 21 (October 3), 1837
Birthday of the outstanding physician and teacher Petr Lesgaft. He was bom in the house in the place of today's 27 Italyanskaya Street.

September 24 (October 6), 1873
The first blank shot was made at midday from the Naryshkin Bastion of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Today it is a tradition to mark midday with a blank shot.

September 28 - November 14,1919
Defeat of the second attack of the Write guard troops commanded by general Judenich on Petrograd.

September 29,1930
The great Russian artist Iliya Repin died in Kuokkala (today Repino near St. Petersburg).

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