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Saint Petersburg Calendar

June 3 (15), 1886
Emperor Alexander III approved foundation of the Technical college of the post and telegraph department (since 1891 the Electrotechnical Institute).

June 8 (21), 1908
The famous Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov died in the country house Liubenskoye. June 10 (21), 1797
Vilghelm Kukhelbeker, a future poet and friend of Alexander Pushkin, was bom in St. Petersburg.

June 16 (27), 1754
The Empress Elisabeth approved the design for the Winter Palace (architect Bartolommeo Rastrelli, the palace was built in 1755-62 and was rebuilt after the fire in 1838-39). Today it houses the Hermitage collections.

June 19,1957
Monument to the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin was installed in Iskusstv Square (sculptor Michail Anikushin).

June 21,1957
Leningrad was awarded the Order of Lenin to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the city's foundation.

June 22 (July 4), 1831
The Cholera Uprising on Sennaya Square.

June 23 (July 5), 1805
Laying the foundation stone of the Stock-Exchange on the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island (architect Jean-Baptiste Thomas de Tomon; constructed from 1805 till 1810. The first sale took place in July 15, 1816). June 24 (July 5), 1780
Consecration of the Chesma church started 1777 to commemorate the Victory of the Russian Fleet in the Chesma bay in June 24-26, 1770\ (architect - Yuri Felten).

June 25 (July 7), 1859
Monument to Emperor Nikolay I was inaugurated on St. Isaac's Square (sculptor Petr Klodt).

June 27 (July 8), 1740
Artemy Volynsky, Alexei Khrushev and Petr Yeropkin, leaders of anti-biron's plot, were executed in Sytninskaya Square. They were buried near St. Samson's Cathedral.

June 28 (July 9), 1762
Emperor Peter III was overthrown in the cause of the palace plot and his wife, Catherine II ascended the throne.

June 30,1941
Forming of the first volunteer detachments.

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